An advanced automated ticketing system that takes away the fuss in maintaining stations and manpower. For any volume of ticket dispensing, this management system eliminates downtime in the flow of business sales.

Malaysia’s first cargo management system for last-mile delivery. Making the delivery of goods frictionless and operating the system, effortless and cost-efficient. The Syntrino Solution innovative customisation gears up for action to overcome all types of physical challenges, from the urban to remote landscapes in Malaysia.

Ticketing Solutions That Go Further

Ticketing Solutions That Go Further

Easy usage

Ticket purchasing and selection are effortless on any digital platform. Simple and guided steps on any digital device.


A system that is cloud hosted on MICROSOFT AZURE eliminates the need for physical stations, the use of servers and its maintenance and potential break-down.


Route location tracking on app and broadcasting up-to-date notification for on-time scheduling.


Flexible for adding on discounts, promotion coupons. Instant commission for operators. Last mile delivery for parcels via FRONT system.


Remove the challenges of a terminal-based system allows the business to expand in various opportunities.

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